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Designer Series Tiffany Show Halter #MS259


Tiffany Show Halter

This halter has a jeweled noseband that is approximately 7/16” across the nose. The bar has rhinestones set into the noseband. It comes in a variety of combinations: black/gold, red, blue, green, and purple.

Sizes available: baby, weanling, yearling, and adult.

Measuring for a Show Halter: Our Designer Series show halters come in 4 sizes. Baby (6 1/4"x18), Weanling (7 1/4"x20"), Yearling (8 1/4"x22"), Adult (9 1/4"x 24"). These measurements are A. Across the nose where you want the halter to sit. B. From below the tearbone (where you want the halter) up over the pole and down to the other side.

please indicate rhinestone set you would like? black/gold, red, blue, green or purple.

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