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Original RidersRasp by Weaver Leather #MS901592

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Weaver Leather Original RidersRasp™


The innovative RidersRasp™ rounding tool offers excellent supplementary care for your bare foot horse’s hooves. It is safe and effective, designed specifically for owner maintenance between professional trims, with replaceable finish files that are designed for rounding—not removing—the hoof wall. With an ergonomic design that allows one-handed operation where the user bears none of the horse’s weight, there is no need to place horse’s leg between your knees, as you would with an ordinary rasp. The user is positioned beside the horse rather than under it. Using the RidersRasp™ extends trimming intervals while retaining hoof balance, symmetry and roundness. It eliminates flares and sharp edges that can lead to splitting and chipping, and saves you money without sacrificing optimum care. Use it on horses of any age and type. Comes with the medium fine rasp.


Sustains and supports hoof balance and soundness

Designed specifically for horse owners to maintain, not trim, hooves

Provides savings without sacrificing an optimum level of care

Ergonomically designed for single hand use

Safe, non-weight bearing operation

Soft grip, non-slip sides

Stainless steel protective plate

Works for horses of any age and type

Compact to fit in a pocket or saddlebag

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